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  • The Real Hip Hop Sound Pack/Kit
  • Hit Mafia Sound Pack/Sound Kit
  • The Back Packerz kit Sound Pack
  • Sterling Producer Pack Sound Series
  • Dirty South Gangsta Trill Sound Kit
  • Young Money Hip Hop Packs
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The Stash 5 DVD's
The Stash is 5 DVD's of my personal collection of hip hop sounds from the best resources in the Hip hop Game. We got the sounds from producers at major production companies in the music industry over ...
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Stash House Kits/Packs
This is just another slamming kit by SoundsXpress.com Loaded with 224 sounds in this kit. Are your ready to bang out another beat Pumper. This Sound pack has you covered. Loaded with Kicks, Snares, Hi...
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The Real Hip Hop Sound Pack/Kit
This sound kit is so crazy you lose your mind once you download it. This Kit got that hump in it. These sounds are Authenic and organic. If your trying to make real hip hop then you will want to jump ...
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Blowin Money Loops
Blowin Money' from Boss Loops is yet another platinum potential Dirty South Construction Pack, featuring seven incredible Southern Bangaz in the styles of Lex Luger, Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka Flame, Lil...
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Your Music Loop Internet Store.

Check out our hot Hip hop sound kits and Hip Hop loops. We carry Hip Hop Druma Samples, Loops and samples that will load into FL Studio (Fruity Loops). Whether you make Dirty South Beats or West Coast Slamming Beats we have what you need.  Soundsxpress has various producers, engineers and sound designers working tirelessly on making quality pro sounds and samples to enhance your music.

We specialize in Hip Hop samples for Fruity loops and FL Studio. We boast a substantial sound library and loop library that will increase your music productions. All our products are available for instant download and shippable products that can be delivered directly to your inbox or mailbox.  Check out our full line of sounds, including Guitar Loops, Vocal Loops and MPC Loops.  Our drum loops are killer and if you want an international flare check out our percussion sounds.

Whether you a producer who uses Maschine, MPC 500, MPC 1000, 2000XL, 4000 or 5000 we have sounds, samples and loops that will work for you. They load directly into your sampler. We have lots of MPC Sounds, Akai MPC Samples, and tips to help your music production. We have the top notch quality sound kits that will keep your beats banging. We hav all the top Sound Kits.

The sounds we sell also works with Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic and Cubase.

We have a growing catalog of Instrumental Loops and Sound Packs to create the beats and styles you want. Our sound packs are specially formatted for Dirty South, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, Electronic, and Gospel music.

We have over 10 years in this game and nobody does it better.

Do you want to become a top producer? I can't guarantee that Soundsxpress' Hip Hop Sounds will make you the next Dr. Dre but we have the sounds that will make you sound like a professional music producer. This site is loaded with sounds and Hip Hop Samples that can take your music production to the next level. You really deserve to check out the site and Fruity Loop sounds that we have. We have sounds especially formatted for FL Studio. These are the best FL Studio Sound packs for download on the internet.  You want that Pro Sound then start buying and downloading from this site. Start building up your sound library today with some of our sound kits.

If you are a loop based producer, we have plenty of hip hop loops that will keep you busy for awhile. just vist our Loop page at the top of the sites navigation. If you want to make hits like you hear on BET Jams and Youtube then you want to start using our sounds. These sounds are blazin Hot. These are the best sounds on the internet, look no further.  We carry Thousands of sounds and Hip Hop Samples, and Various Hip Hop Loops.  Our sounds are the best in the industry and many Pros and non pros have used our sounds and samples in their production over the years. You will really enjoy our selection of FL Studio samples that we have on deck. Look no further for quality hip hop samples, because this site has everything you're looking for when it comes to loop based music.

We are world leader in Hip Hop Sounds for music production and beat making.

We offer the sounds, it's up to you to be the best producer you can be. Every good music producer is inspired by beat makers of the past at present. We want to be that vehicle that inspires you to make the best beats you can make. We have everything you need to laydown that next tight beat that could crawling up the charts. So please take some time to explore and browse our site and buy and download some kits for a test drive. A lot of producers already know that these are top quality best FL Studio Sounds. We are already getting to be the place to go when your looking for Hip Hop Drum samples and FL Studio Sound Packs. Buy you a kit or two today and start bangin' out hip hop beats.