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Published (May 9th, 2012)
Latency is very big when it comes to a computer based recording system. Latency is the gap between playing and singing a note and actually hearing it thru your computer. A latency of only a fraction can be enough to throw someone off. It happens because of the time it takes the signal to go thru the computer and to be processed, then come thru your monitors for you to hear. When using a computer for recording you want the latency to be low as possible that you don’t notice any lag or delay.
Published (March 3rd, 2012)
Since the beginning of music production and recording the biggest battle has been mastering the equipment associated with the recording process. The modern computer based studio environment can be very complicated. Most studios today will be equipped with a combination of hardware, computers, MIDI, Plug-ins, microphones, effects, speakers, monitors and amps. Even with all the necessary tools that does even cover the recording, mixing and mastering process itself. Today’s music producer and engineer needs to be jack of all trades.
Published (February 28th, 2012)
In today’s hip hop induced studio environment most musician creating hip hop hardly ever play along with other musicians. If this is your case you may want a MIDI intensive studio. If you prefer programming beats then a MIDI studio may be for you. The advantage of a MIDI studio is that you can play various instruments at the same time while creating your art.