Hip Hop Sound Packs. Hip Hop Samples and LoopsHip Hop Sound Packs. Hip Hop Samples and Loops

You know you got game. Everyone knows you can flow. You got skills and with a little luck and a lot of determination, you could go far. Your song might even be the next big video on MTV. Who knows? It’s every bit as good as some of what’s on there. All you need are the right sounds, the right studio, and to get your tracks in the right hands.

You can pick up hip hop sound packs anywhere, but make sure you know what you’re getting. There are a lot of websites that advertise hip hop samples and loops. You want to do business with people who understand hip hop music and the artists who make it. You need to get all your hip hop samples and loops at We’ve got everything you need to take you from a wannabe to a somebody.

We’re not talking about amateur hip hop sound packs. We’ve got all the best.

Check this out: we have Timbo. We have Vocalocity. We have Wyld & Wicked. We have Lil J. And that’s just a small sample of the sound packs we offer. Best of all, we offer them for a price that’ll leave you with something left over. Our sound packs start at less than $15.

Next time you spit flow, flow like a pro. Check out the hip hop sound packs at and see what we’re talking about. Give your hip hop jams the flava they deserve with hip hop samples and loops from

With your skills and our hip hop samples and loops, all that’s left is laying down the tracks and getting them into the right hands. Get Serious about Hip Hop, Check Out FL Studio Sound Packs