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Have you ever wondered why most beat producers never quite get the drum sound right? Maybe you’re even struggling to get the sound just right and still haven’t got it all worked out. Even if you have all the best MPC samples, with a huge set of MPC sounds, you need a little something extra to take your drum track to the next level.

Here’s what separates the great beat programmer from the average one: the great beat programmer studies his craft.

That’s right. He knows what he’s going after, and he pays attention to it. So, what is it that the really good beat programmers go for? What is it that they know how to do that others don’t? They know how to take MPC samples and MPC sounds and make them sound like a real drummer is playing.

So what are we saying? Just this: if you want your music to sound professional, study the professional drummers. MPC samples do a great job of reproducing authentic drum sounds….after all, a sample is essentially a recording of the sound. What they can’t do without the help of a great beat programmer is to make the samples sound like a real drummer.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to study great drummers in today’s world. Sign into YouTube and type Jabo Starks or Clyde Stubblefield (incidentally, these two-both of whom played for James Brown back in the day- are two of the most sampled drummers of all time). Listen to what they’re playing. Watch them while they’re playing it. The more you pay attention to great drummers, the better you’ll understand what makes them tick. If you can get inside their heads, you’ll have a better idea of what to do with the MPC sounds at your disposal.

You don’t have to do much with MPC samples to get the drum sounds right. But if you want the drum sound to be right, take the time to study the masters. Before long, you’ll find your beats sounding more and more like something the hottest drummers of all time would play.

Most of us can’t afford to hire Jabo Starks. The next best thing is to figure out how to lay tracks that sound a little like his and other great R&B/Hip Hop drummers. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to do if you have an ear for hip hop music and take the time to listen to and watch the drummers that made our sounds legendary.

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