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Back in the day, if you wanted to sound like a killa band, you needed to go out and hire a killa band. Good musicians don’t work cheap. That meant that a lot of people with massive talent never got heard. Fortunately, today’s world is a lot different.

Even novice beat programmers can put together slammin’ hip hop tracks with guitar loops, piano loops, brass loops, strings, and every special effect known to man.

With today’s samplers, you can use any sound you can hear and incorporate it into your sound. It isn’t even hard. Most of the better audio recording studio programs come with instructions that new and experienced musicians alike will be able to follow.

You don’t need to play an instrument to learn how to program guitar loops, piano loops, or any other musical sound you need backing you up. Just check out the massive sound packs and loops available at There are even lots of killa loops and sounds available free.

Our piano loops, guitar loops, and other loop packs are all priced to fit in the budget of up and comers like you. You don’t have to wait until you score a recording contract to start recording and mixing hot hip hop tracks. We can’t guarantee you’ll have the next big hit…that’s up to you and your skills…but we can guarantee we have the guitar loops, piano loops, and other tools you need to get you where you want to be.

These are exciting times to be starting out in the hip hop industry. Not only is hip hop the hottest thing on the radio, but undiscovered hip hop artists are going viral every day because of the access people have to your music through the Internet. Before you put your music out there, spend the time and money to make sure you have all the sounds and loops you need to put out the next hit record. We’ve got them all right here at

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