MPC 5000

The MPC 5000 Drum Machine


The MPC 5000 is the most sought after drum machine ever created. If you are into studio, sound track, or beat mixing, you know the importance of a good quality machine. This model, does not disappoint at all. While many improvements were made when this model was created, a few stand out above the others.

It has  continuous sampling with 64 tracks, a high resolution sequencing engine, random, as well as cycle sample playback and even a turntable preamp. All if this will help contribute to premium sounds and sequences being created.

The MPC 5000 is the first MPC ever created that has 8 track streaming to hard disk recording, a 3 oscillator analog synthesizer, that includes 20 voices, a sequencing engine that includes 960 ppq resolution, and track muting. These features show just how far advance this MPC really is.

The included virtual analog synth, completely rids you of the need for any external synth modules or even software based synthesizers. You can easily produce your entire song in the MPC and then change it up with  the internal sequenced programs due to the 8 track direct to disk recorder that comes with this model.

From there, you can use the additional CD/DVD drive and burn a data or audio CD. It will be easy to get up and running with the 650 MB of premium Loopmasters sounds, that are included with this model.

You can create many sounds, hook up other sources, mix, sequence, and even edit with the MPC 5000. If you are looking for a compact machine, that packs a big punch, this model is your way to go! Users will find it compact, portable, and very easy to use. This ease of use makes it one of the top choices among musicians.

While it has a built in hard disk drive, it also includes an optional drive for CD-R/DVD use, a USB port and a card slot that holds another 2GB of memory space. The continuous sample track will guarantee that your samples play in absolute, perfect sync no matter where the beat is started in the loop.Internal automation is made possible with 12 Q-Link controllers, an external MIDI control and quick parameter editing. The backlit LCD is 240 x 128 and hinged.

A lot of power, in this high tech model! All of the features that were top notch in other models, were pulled together and made even better in the MPC 5000.