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MODEL #: XL 116
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Manufacturer: Anotha Hit Production
Format: .WAV - MPC 2000, 2000XL, 3000. and more
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Producers like Timbaland and The Neptunes have changed the sound of Hip Hop with their compressed kicks, layered claps, and snares.  Then they top their beats off with blazing percussion sounds that make your head snap!  Soundcrafting has done it again with the TimboNeptools Weapons of Mass Beat Construction Kit, by giving you toolz in this kit that helped these platinum selling producers make hit after hit.  This collection includes 73 compressed kicks, 66 layered snares, claps, and snaps, 42 smokin hi hats, 75 hot effects and 68 killer percussion sounds.  Dont front, these sounds are hot!  Forget layering a bunch of snares and kicks to create the perfect beat, just grab the TimboNeptools Weapons of Mass Beat Construction Kit and make some hits!  All of these samples are in 16bit 44.1 format, and they promise to bring a grin to ya face!