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Hip Hop Samples

Best Hip Hop Sounds and Hip Hop Samples

For years Dre has smashed the production game with his tight snares, hard hitting kicks, and his crisp hi hats, and percussion.  And here at soundcrafting we understand how bad you want to get your hands on these type of sounds!  So weve created a kit of OVER 300 sounds that represents one of the coldest producers in the game.  It contains heart pounding kicks, tight snares and claps, crisp hi hats, and platinum sounding percussion sounds.  We have tweaked, and mastered these sounds so that they will stand out in the world of producers.  And believe it when we say, they are so Gangsta!  All of these samples are in 16 bit 44.1 format, and they are sure to light fire to your beatz.  Dont pass up this custom made collection, grab the Dretacular GD Up Kit. The Best Hip Hop Sounds and Hip Hop Samples on the planet.