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The Best Keyboard Loops For Hip Hop Music Production

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Soundxpress brings the Heat with the new sample CD Chordworkz. Loaded with material that sample heads will love. Chord changes, Synth Parts, Hip Hop Extraz, String Parts, all in 4 and 8 bar loops for sampling pleasure. These musical escapades are designed for Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap. If you sell beats this sample CD is loaded with stuff youll really have to get. Crazy Sonic Noise bits, Synth arpeggios, Piano and Rhodes chord changes, deep String things. Complete music arrangements without drums, Keys, Bass, Synth, Strings. Buy it today and add your style to the samples. Chordworkz is the real deal. If you like to sample then you must not sleep on this CD. Its Priced to sell !!!!! @ $29.99 Keyboard Loops and Hip Hop loops