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Guitar Loops

These hot guitar riffs and loops are specially formatted for Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap.

GUITAR IN THA BOX- Guitar In Tha Box Soundsxpress.coms New Guitar Series is on one easy to use .WAV formatted CD-ROM, Zip Disk for MPC 2000XL and MPC 4000, Compact Flash Card or Instant Download.  These Guitar Samples, Riffs and Loops are played by a real session guitarist for your sampling pleasure.  These Hot Riffs and Loops are specially formatted for Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap. There are over 200 samples sliced, diced and looped just for you.  Put some real Hydro Heat in your beats with these Laced Loops and Riffs. This series is packed with over 200 quality Guitar Samples.  These samples are street certified to add some real  flavor to your production.  -Guitar In Tha box- will keep you creating hot new joints on the daily.  Whether you need a Loop, a Riff or a Single Note, -Guitar In Tha Box- has got you covered.    BUY IT TODAY!!!  The Instant Download and CD-Rom price is only $34.99.  The Zip Disk is only $44.99.  Formatted for the MPC 2000XL and MPC 4000 on Zip Disk and the Compact Flash Card is $54.99. Over 200 samples!!!!