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MODEL #: XL 95
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Manufacturer: Anotha Hit Production
Format: .WAV - Loads in Most Samplers
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The Diamond Producer pack is the best of all worlds. It has over 800 sounds and includes the Neptunez Sonic kit, Timbo Sonic Kit, The Supa Drum Thug Series, and Da Runnerz Kit. Enough Said. This is the System within. Loaded with everything you will need for years to come. This series of sounds will definitely take your production to the next level, no doubt. This is brand new series sounds brought to you by soundcrafting.com .

All Sounds are 16 bit 44.1 Khz in WAV format. This kit will load in most samplers, including fruity Loops, Reason, Mpc, Roland and more.  This kit is plain wicked with the drums and FX, plus more. These sounds are custom tailored for that heat that you need to pound out a smash beat. All sounds a delicately tweaked and EQed to perfection.  Soundcrafting the leader in sound development.